We insure our things against theft and damage.  We buy extended warranties to minimize the risk of unforeseen problems.  We even spend countless hours washing, waxing, undercoating, and protecting them.

So why do we then let our investments sit outside to get pummeled by snow, rain, wind, and ice?

Mother nature is the great equalizer. ¬†Man builds it up, she breaks it down. ¬†The only way to protect your stuff and your dollars is to remove the elements working against you. ¬†If you choose to invest in one of our great portable shelters, you can be assured that nature is unloading it’s wrath on someone else’s things while you rest easy.

All of our shelters have been specifically designed to not only function, but thrive in the outdoors.  Be it with the heavy duty galvanized steel support frame, 3 layer heavy weight weather-proof fabric, or the ratchet-tight straps, our shelters are easy to use and built to last.  Couple that with double the warranty of other brands and the low price tags, our shelters are the only solution that makes sense.

Keep your stuff safe – and under cover – with Under Cover Shelters.